Guidance for Medical Professionals

Many medical problems are covered in our Medical Alerts handbook download free and offered in several languages).

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Clinical & Medical Advisory Board

The Clinical & Medical Advisory Board offers a free advice service from among its members.  This is advice only and not to be considered a consultation.  Our experts will do their best to help and advise you.  Contact our office for the consultation form.

Medical Alerts Handbook

This little handbook is available in 18 languages.  It is recommended that you take this with you when attending medical appointments, hospital or any medical treatment.

What is PWS: Guidance for Families


The pattern of characteristics associated with PWS is consistent among those affected by it, although there is significant variability in severity and not all affected individuals have every characteristic...>


There is often a characteristic facial appearance with a narrow forehead, almond-shaped eyes, and a thin upper lip with downturned mouth. Scoliosis (S-shaped curvature of the spine) may develop. Many individuals have fairer coloring of hair, eyes and skin than other family members...>


There is currently no cure for Prader-Willi syndrome, nor is there a drug that can be prescribed to alleviate all of the symptoms. As of this writing, there is no known substance that has been demonstrated to lessen the drive to eat, although much research is being conducted to find such a substance...>

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