Giving in Memory

Celebrate and honour the life of a loved one by helping others in a special way by making an in memory donation to IPWSO
How you can make a difference in memory of a loved one

This is one of the most powerful ways to remember a person by knowing that your contribution will go towards helping others in countries where families are desperate for help, information and support. We are always incredibly touched by the generosity of those who wish to donate to us, and you should feel assured that your contribution will have a great impact for people with PWS around the world. 

Funeral Collection

Inform people who will be attending, in advance how the collection will be used and that you are planning on donating to IPWSO.Collecting donations at a funeral or memorial event can help IPWSO make a great impact and contribution around the world. 


If you are considering taking part in a sponsored event, whether that may be running a marathon or holding a bake sale, fundraising in memory is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one.

Make a donation

If you are planning to make a donation, and would like to do so in someone's name let us know by following the steps below. Also let us know if you wish to tell us their story for us to share with our community. 

Rita and Jasmine

Rita Barks was so proud of her granddaughter, Jasmine (born 2010 with Prader-Willi syndrome).


She would have been so happy to know that donations collected in her name would be used to support IPWSO, as she recognised the excellent work that IPWSO does to promote PWS at an international level and to support families and carers impacted by PWS.


Rita and Jasmine had many happy and enjoyable years together.

Make a donation in someone's name

If you would like to give in memory, please let us know their name and your details and then follow the steps to donate.

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